Air Pollution; Effects and Solution

Air Pollution; Effects and Solution. Air Pollution; Effects and Solution. Project Structure:
1. Table of Contents
2. Introduction
3. Main Body
4. Conclusion
5. Bibliography

Table of Contents:
page 1,2 Introduction
page 3,4,5,6,7,8 Body
page 9 Conclusion
page 10 Bibliography

In INTRODUCTION: Say what the project is about – explain the question and outline the scope (what the essay will cover). be sure to point out the main areas that will follow in the main body.

Main Body: Make sure you include adequate points/factors/concepts.

Conclusion: summarize the main points and give your own comments.

Bibliography and References : the references maybe from books or internet, if from Book you mention Author, title, publisher, year.
if from internet make sure to write the full address with title.


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Air Pollution; Effects and Solution

Air Pollution; Effects and Solution

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