Locate, Adapt, Adopt and Communicate a WHS Policy

Locate, Adapt, Adopt and Communicate a WHS Policy. Locate, Adapt, Adopt and Communicate a WHS Policy. Locate, Adapt, Adopt and Communicate a WHS Policy

Student instructions

This assessment allows you to demonstrate you skills and knowledge to locate, review and improve on current WHS policies by applying your knowledge of the relevant WHS Acts, regulations and codes of practice. You will apply your IT skills to retrieve relevant workplace information, use your analytical and problem-solving skills to examine the workplace information and your literacy skills to adapt and communicate WHS policies.

Using the simulated workplace Accove Pty Ltd documents at http://www.findyourfeet.com/Accove/ answer the following questions in relation to the ‘Accove OHS Policy.pdf’

Any incorrect or incomplete responses will be returned to you with feedback to allow you to resubmit. If you require additional training or guidance on the topic, you can negotiate time with your tutor for assistance.

Instructions on submitting are at the end of this assessment.

ACCOVE Pty Ltd Background:


Accove Pty Ltd is a SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) based in Brisbane. The company specialises in designing and manufacturing widgets. The company has 40 employees at their Head Office in Brisbane (333 Adelaide St West) with a Branch Office located approximately 10km away in Eagle Farm (2A Eagle Rd). There are 10 employees based at the Branch Office. The Branch Office also acts as the distribution centre for the widgets that Accove Pty Ltd produces. The Branch Office also acts as the packing and distribution centre for the company. The actual manufacture of widgets is carried out at a factory in China and imported by container to the distribution centre.

General business hours for Accove are 9AM – 5.30 PM Monday to Friday.

The Branch Office also opens from 9AM – 12PM on Saturdays in order to fulfil orders.

Accove has purchased a WHS management system which consists of a series of documents and templates, including policies, procedures and forms designed to assist them to manage their WHS requirements. Their WHSMS is located at http://www.findyourfeet.com/Accove/



Q1: Use the Accove OHS policy located at http://www.findyourfeet.com/Accove/ as Accove OHS Policy.pdf’. Comment on the relevance, adequacy and suitability of this policy by referring to the WHS Act 2011 participative arrangements.

Q2: Update or rewrite the ‘OHS policy’ to be a current ‘WHS policy’ reflecting any updates to legislation. Use the ‘WHS Policy Template.doc’ from the Accove WHS electronic management system.

Q3: Explain the process of getting approval for the new policy.

Q4: Write an internal memo to all staff outlining:

  1. Why a review has been done
  2. A nutshell explanation of the changes
  3. Where to find a copy of the new policy to be reviewed





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Locate, Adapt, Adopt and Communicate a WHS Policy

Locate, Adapt, Adopt and Communicate a WHS Policy

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