Administrator-Shadowing Experience Report

Administrator-Shadowing Experience Report. Administrator-Shadowing Experience Report. Administrator-Shadowing Experience Report
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Your Administrator-Shadowing Experience Report assignment is due this week. For this assignment, you were required to coordinate with a school administrator to conduct a shadowing activity that included:

A pre-shadowing conference with the administrator.
Explain that you will be observing the administrator’s daily routines to gain a better understanding of his or her role, and that you want to see a variety of activities (refer the second study in Unit 4).
Ask the administrator to describe his or her daily and key responsibilities, and specifically talk about the times and activities you will be observing.
Share some of your learning from the course and gain the administrator’s insights related to this.
Three hours of shadowing, during which you logged your observations.
A post-shadowing conference. Prepare for the post-shadowing conference by:
Develop questions to gain a deeper understanding of the administrator’s actions during your observations. Share what you observed and ask the administrator to describe what he or she was thinking and doing during this time.
Share your reflections and how what you observed relates to your learning in the course, and ask the administrator to provide a context from his or her real-world experience.
Note: For more information on these activities, refer to the second study in Unit 4.

Complete your report on this shadowing experience. The report must include the following:

Background information on the administrator: What is the level of the administrator’s school (elementary, middle, junior high, or high school)? How long has the person served as an administrator? What is the administrator’s educational background? Important: The administrator and school names should not be identified in your report. Use pseudonyms when appropriate.
Log of your observations: Include the activities the administrator engaged in and the amount of time spent on each activity.
Summary of your pre- and post-conference conversations: What did you learn from these conversations with the administrator?
Analysis of how your observations relate to the ELCC standards: Link each activity and action observed with the appropriate ELCC standard.
Reflections: Your own reflections on the shadowing process and experience.
Assignment Requirements
Your assignment should meet the following requirements:

Written communication: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the education professions.
APA format: Conform to current APA style and formatting guidelines.


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Administrator-Shadowing Experience Report

Administrator-Shadowing Experience Report

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