Ad Intervention Paper

Ad Intervention Paper. Ad Intervention Paper. Part I. Print Ad Revision: Your goal in this assignment is to analyze an advertisement and describe how it works as an argument — then alter the ad to change the argument it makes. 
Materials & Method: You’ll need a collection of ads that strike you as problematic in some way; several8.5 x 11 sheets of white paper or cardboard to use as a base; glue stick; and scissors. 
You’ll want to make a photocopy of your ad BEFORE you start changing it. 
You can cut your ad up, juxtapose it with text, add in other images — anything that you think will make an effective critique of the ad.
You will NOT be graded on the basis of how artistically accomplished your new ad is, but on the basis of your changes making us think in a new way about the original ad. 
Part II Analysis: To build the analysis you will use the Fowles� article to establish what appeals are being used to respond to how you changed the original meaning of the ad to reflect your revision. Because advertisers spend huge amounts of money analyzing their audiences and refining their rhetorical techniques, it’s good to study their work as you attempt to become a better persuader. In fact, Hugh Rank says “Analyzing ads is the easiest way to learn about all persuasion techniques.”
You will also need to provide a sub-context to your analysis. How does this particular advertisement deals with the issue of 
� Wealth Inequality
� Body Image
� American�s obesity/health epidemic
� Gender bias/issues
These issues should be addressed by heavily researching the topic and using our assigned readings in the class to support your analysis.
Audience: The audience for this project is this class. The most relevant characteristics of this audience seem to be: we’re adults, we have read the same things about rhetoric that you have, but we haven’t examined the ad you’re talking about closely. We’re a group that includes both genders.
Specifically, I will pay attention to how:
� Your analysis picks out the main persuasive techniques of the ad. 
� The changes you make to the ad make a genuine difference to the ad’s message, in a way that you carefully describe. 
� The thesis is supported with particulars (or evidence) from the ad. 
� You must have at least 3 quotes from all of the readings with two (2) research articles, and one (1) reading from the class.
� A Works Cited Page
� 4-5 Pages
� The paper is organized — it should be done in a way that makes it easy for a reader to move through the paper from beginning to end.


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Ad Intervention Paper

Ad Intervention Paper

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