ACC501 M1S-Accounting Cost Systems and Cost Behavior

ACC501 M1S-Accounting Cost Systems and Cost Behavior. ACC501 M1S-Accounting Cost Systems and Cost Behavior. ACCOUNTING COST SYSTEMS AND COST BEHAVIOR
You are applying for a managerial position at an innovative and rapidly growing company. This is a dynamic company that wants an individual who adds value to the organization. Managers at this company wear many hats, so the position requires managing products, people, and financial aspects of running the company.
As part of the interview process, you are required to make a presentation covering four different topics, one per module for this course.
You choose the company and the new product that you want to showcase in your presentation. It can be real or fictitious (based on an industry). This is for background purposes only. The presentation is to showcase your abilities and what you can contribute to the organization.
IBIS World and BizStats have estimates of cost of good sold and some other categories of operating expenses. Information about contribution margins are not available, but adding new products typically mean incurring both fixed and variable costs. Consequently, cost of good sold is a reasonable estimate. Net operating income as a percentage of sales or some variation thereof may also be relevant if the new product is expected to contribute significantly to the bottom line. As a candidate for a position you would not have internal information available, but being resourceful and being a skilled researcher are desired traits for the position. IBIS World also have a wealth of other market statistics that may be helpful. Use listed background material and other resources as needed.
Include the following items in your presentation. 
• Present an idea for a new product.
• Describe the product.
• Show some cost estimates and pricing suggestion for this product based on research. 
• What approach would you use to determine selling price (for example cost plus or target costing)? It is important when choosing a design.
• Explain your rationale for the pricing approach.
• Show expectations of growth and potential profit.
Assignment Expectations
Submit a Power Point presentation or a 2 page Word Document. Use words, tables, and graphs to make a succinct presentation. Document all sources and provide links at the end. It is acceptable to add another slide or page to list the sources.

Management Accounting Versus Financial Accounting. (2014). Pearson Learning Solutions, New York, NY. Retrieved from
Business Terms and Decisions. (2014). Pearson Learning Solutions, New York, NY. Retrieved from
The next two resources introduce cost behavior.
Routh, B. (2010, Nov. 25). Cost Behavior: Variable costs versus Fixed Costs – Accounting. [Video File]. Retrieved from
Slideshare. (n.d.). Determining How Costs Behave. Retrieved from
Dr. Walther’s online textbook ( and associated videos provide more detail information about cost behavior and variable (behavioral, contribution margin) income statements.
Walther, l. (2014). Principles of Accounting. Chapter Seventeen. Introduction to Managerial accounting; and Chapter Nineteen. Job Costing and Modern Cost Management Systems. Retrieved from
Suggested Resource (n.d.). Advantages, Disadvantages, and Limitations of Variable Costing Systems. Retrieved from


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ACC501 M1S-Accounting Cost Systems and Cost Behavior

ACC501 M1S-Accounting Cost Systems and Cost Behavior

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