Academic Dishonesty

Academic Dishonesty. Academic Dishonesty. Be sure your topic is well researched and that meaningful connections are made with present and future education practice. Consider educational policies that might be useful in promoting teaching/learning relationships and/or in faculty employment situations. Discussion should reveal an in-depth knowledge of the subject/case and critical thinking about the implications for educational practice.

Use the following format:
•Introduction to the topic
*Rationale for the importance to nursing education
•Legal case – elements of the case OR in the case of the topic look at the What? When? Why? and Who of the topic.
•Highlight key points and make connections to the literature outside of the legal case or main issue. What do other people have to say on the topic?
•Discuss the essence of the case/topic and how it impacts nurse educator practice. Be specific and discuss how you would incorporate this into your future practice.

Please format my paper above with those headings. I have included a court case you can add to this paper. You will find that under sources. Please answer all questions that the instructor is requesting.


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Academic Dishonesty

Academic Dishonesty

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