A Narrative History

A Narrative History. A Narrative History. Look at the possible essay questions provided below. Choose TWO of them and write a well-constructed essay for each question.

Essays should be in Times New Roman 12 point font, with 1 inch margins, and double-spaced. Each essay should be no less than two full pages long and no more than four pages long. Thus the whole file, with both your essays, should be between four full pages and eight pages long. Combine both your essays in one document.

Essays are meant to prove that a student knows not only “what” happened in history, but “how” and “why” things happened in history. It is not enough to state that, “The colonists didn’t like the Stamp Act,” but you should explain with examples why they didn’t like taxes, what they did about it, why it was significant, etc.

You can answer all of these questions by referring to your textbook and the lecture slides. There is NO NEED to consult the internet or other outside sources.

Essays must conform to the rules of good spelling, grammar, and style. They must show that you have read, understood, and absorbed the textbook and class material, and can utilize that information to make assertions, and then back those assertions with evidence. Take the knowledge you have learned, pull it from your brain, and convey those ideas to me intelligently in your own words. Remember, you are trying to prove to a professor how smart you are. A good rule of thumb: act like I don’t know the answer to the question and you’re teaching the subject to me.

Any cheating, copying, or plagiarizing from students, the textbook, other books, the internet, or any other sources, will result in an “F” in class in addition to other sanctions. No late essays will be accepted. All of these essays can be answered by using the textbook and the lectures, there is no need to consult outside sources.

I WILL FAIL YOU FOR THIS ENTIRE COURSE IF YOU PLAGIARIZE YOUR ESSAY, SO DON’T EVEN TRY IT! This is a harsh punishment, but it is the only way to ensure the integrity of online courses. Your paper will be run through plagiarism-checking software and scrutinized by me for evidence of plagiarism. Plagiarism is any form of cheating, copying, or stealing of words, phrases, and ideas from other students, the textbook, other books, the internet, or any other sources (this includes direct copying, changing key words [paraphrasing or “synonymizing”], etc.), recycling past papers, using someone else’s work, and so forth. If you are not sure what constitutes plagiarism, please check out the links on D2L under “Useful Links” and/or this tutorial: http://library.uta.edu/plagiarism/

Choose TWO of the following possible essays:

1. Based on your textbook and the lectures, discuss the rise of the Cold War between 1945-1959? What were the major disagreements, and issues that separated the United States and the Soviet Union? How, why, and where did the US try to counter the spread of communism?

2. Based on your textbook and the lectures, discuss the civil rights movement of the 1960s. How did the reaction of many southern whites to the civil rights activities ironically serve to help the cause of black Americans? What spurred the US Congress to pass legislation in 1964 and 1965? How did some black Americans in the late 1960s respond when it became clear that the legislative victories of 1964 and 1965 were not enough to satisfy their aspirations?

3. Based on your textbook and the lectures, discuss the foreign policies of the Nixon administration, including détente and the Nixon Doctrine. How did these policies mark a departure from previous American approaches to the Cold War? Be sure to give definitive examples of his policies in action.

4. Based on your textbook and the lectures, describe the aims and rhetoric of Reagan’s foreign policy. How did his goals differ from those of earlier presidents during the Cold War? What effects did the Reagan Doctrine and his military spending have on the Soviet Union? What role did Reagan’s policies play in the downfall of the Soviet Union?

5. Based on your textbook and the lectures, describe the policies and presidency of Bill Clinton. What did he do and attempt to do in the first two years of his presidency? Explain why the congressional elections of 1994 were so significant. What was the Contract with America? How did Bill Clinton alter his presidential agenda after 1994? What is triangulation?


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A Narrative History

A Narrative History

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