A manufacturer of a new electric motorcycle

A manufacturer of a new electric motorcycle. A manufacturer of a new electric motorcycle. ElectroMyCycle, a manufacturer of a new electric motorcycle. ElectroMyCycle has chosen you to design a new network that will let the company scale to a larger size. InChapter 5, you learned that ElectroMyCycle’s network will support about 200 employees. The network will include a data center and a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facil-
ity. Users in the campus network will access the servers in the data center from their PCs.

For online sales, ElectroMyCycle plans to have a DMZ that connects a web server, a DNS server, and an email server. ElectroMyCycle also plans to open a branch sales office in a city that is about 500 miles from ElectroMyCycle’s headquarters.Design and document an IP addressing scheme to meet ElectroMyCycle’s needs. Specify which IP address blocks will be assigned to different modules of your network design.Document whether you will use public or private addressing for each module. Document whether you will use manual or dynamic addressing for each module. Specify where (if anywhere) route summarization will occur.


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A manufacturer of a new electric motorcycle

A manufacturer of a new electric motorcycle

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