A live performance-production critique

A live performance-production critique. A live performance-production critique. =Please read the instruction file for more details! Must Follow the instruction file for every steps!!!
=There is a file called Midterm paper1. You can read it and understand the construction of the essay. You have to choose the living performance that listed in the [ instruction file] since it needs to be played in Seattle in the past one month.
=You MUST read the [textbook doc] that contains course vocabulary and helps to understand the instruction and to complete the essay.

The order contains 2 parts.
Part 1: Chart
You need to use the [Chart doc.] that I uploaded (see[ file/materials])
[Important: only choose two area of design to compete in the chart. For example, if you choose Lighting Design and Sound Design for your chart and essay, you only need to fill out the basic info of the performance and the two parts of design you choose in the chart.]
(the following instruction is also in the instruction file:)
• Briefly review the chart prior to viewing your second live performance to begin focusing your attention on the production concepts that you will outline in paper #2.
• Complete the production chart (it is highly recommended that this be done immediately or soon after your viewing as you will be heavily relying on specific examples from the production in order to successfully complete your performance review for paper #2).
• Follow the production chart directions closely. Note: You are only selecting TWO areas of design to discuss in detail. All other design questions may be left blank or deleted in your final uploaded document although you will be asked to consider the design area of your choice in relation to the others, so don’t ignore these aspects during your viewing.
• The ‘answer cells’, to the right of the questions, are expandable. You will likely find that you need additional space in certain areas but attempt to keep answers brief; bullet points are also acceptable in this format. Remember: You will have the opportunity to elaborate upon your examples when you construct your paper.)

Part 2: the essay (3pages). [Important: don’t write/ talk about the plot!! You can only talk about the two area of “design” and the critique of the living performance.]
(the following instruction can also be found in instruction file)
• An introductory paragraph that explains 1) What you are discussing (the name of the show) with a brief description.2) What you will be viewing these productions in light of (a live performance-production critique) and 3) A brief list of the specific production aspects/elements you will be discussing in your paper (this aids in focusing your topic).
• The body of the paper should contain numerous specific examples from the live production, course vocabulary, and research conducted for the ‘Production Chart’ assignment. Citations MUST be present for any direct quotes, internet research, etc. See ‘writing lab’ link above. Be sure not to simply list information from your ‘Production Chart’ but rather craft a unique essay that includes this information.
• A concluding paragraph that restates your thesis and briefly addresses your thoughts on experiencing this production.
• A bibliography of ALL sources used within your paper. See ‘writing lab’ link above for formatting.
• Be sure you don’t simply write a summary of the plot as this is not part of the assignment and will result in a substantial grade reduction. Excessive plot synopsis will not be considered towards your grade. Engage with the way the story is being told by the medium and by the artists involved. As this is a performance based course we ask that you engage not with the literary aspects of the show (the story/plot) but rather with HOW the story is being performed on stage (what do you see and hear? what does the performance space itself look like and how does this aid in your understanding of the play?.
The life of the theatre: How did the space impact the production? Did the theatre run smoothly? Could you detect the work of technicians?
Acting: How did the actors approach their roles? Did they accurately portray their characters? Why or why not?
Directing and design: Focusing on the two areas of design that you have selected (Set, Costumes, Makeup, Sound, Lighting, or Props) consider how the production looked, felt, and sounded, provide specific examples. Was the show well directed? Why or why not?
Attend to all of the five Ws: Who, What, Where, When Why, see production chart for details.
Remember that a theatrical event should be cited in an academic paper. In this paper, the shows are your resources. For full points, all citations must be correctly noted using MLA formatting. If you don’t know how to cite something, look it up!


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A live performance-production critique

A live performance-production critique

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