A letter to a UK Member of Parliament

A letter to a UK Member of Parliament. A letter to a UK Member of Parliament. We are told to write a letter of 2000 words to our local MP setting out the issue of all two year olds to be included into the free 30 hours programme as part of the childhood education system. 

The aim is to try and convince the MP to take the issue seriously and get support from the party as well to advise the government as the MP is part of the decision making process. 

Early Childhood in the United Kingdom is mainly not free of charge. However, families are given a set of specific hours for free for the education of their children in nurseries between the ages of 3 to 4 years old (30 hours per week) open to all 3 and 4 years children. However, not all 2 year olds are included, only some of them who come from poorer families. The letter should address the problem of not including all two year olds into this 30 hours system and convince the MP to support it. 

It can be of high cost for families who are especially working and are forced to leave their two-year-old children in nurseries to look after them. 

The goal of this letter is to include children from the age of 2 years old (instead of only 3 and 4 years old). The structure of the letter should follow the points bellow: 

1-Greetings (Please mention at the beginning: i am writing as a mother and a professional involved in yearly childhood education) and background about what this letter is for and its aim 

2-Information about the current situation (currently only 40% of the 2 year olds in the UK get free hours in nurseries because they are from poorer families), with facts and statistics supporting your argument that “all 2 year olds” need as much attention as the 3 and 4 years in the childhood education system and nurseries. (ALSO USE GOVERNMENT AND OFFICIAL STATISTICS PLEASE). 

3-My demand is to kindly ask the MP to support the inclusion of all 2 years old children in the UK to be included into the 30 hours free childhood education system. 

4- critically discuss and engage with the contrary points of view in the literature where some academics and analysts argued that 2 years old should not be included into the free hours of childhood education system or is not as important compared to 3 and 4 year olds (refer to academic articles and books if possible to give it more academic significance). The purpose is to consider different perspectives and critically analyze them along side with your own claims. TRY TO MAKE THE POINTS BELLOW AS ANSWERS TO THESE OPPOSITE ARGUMENTS AND ONES THAT SUPPORT YOURS. 

5-Analyze the importance of including the 2-year-old children into the free hours system for the benefit to their “well being” and future lives. Provide examples of how would that be the case. ALSO REFERRING TO THE LITERATURE AND SEVERAL ACADEMIC REFERENCES. 

6- Analyze the importance of including all 2-year-olds for the benefit to the “economy” and its future impact for families with 2 years old who would have the opportunity to spend more time at work or work more hours. Please provide examples as well. ALSO REFERRING TO THE LITERATURE AND SEVERAL ACADEMIC REFERENCES. 

7- Analyze the importance of including all 2-year-olds children for the benefit to their families and “society” as a whole. ALSO REFERRING TO THE LITERATURE AND SEVERAL ACADEMIC REFERENCES. 

8- my willingness to collaborate and work with the MP to help make some change for the good of our local and national level regarding this issue. (i.e. I am ready to help with any assistance required. I will be more than happy to sign a petition if there is one. I will be in to offer my services for the collection of signatures and to arrange any type of communication with local nurseries. I know there are so many parents who would support me with the task. I have engaged with many of them in the past and they would really be ready). 

9-Ending the letter with hoping that the MP and party support this and looking forward for their reply to know their stand or position to take the next step forward. 

-Please use an academic literary style of language*** not speech written down. 

-Please use reliable and official sources for facts and figures as well as academic works (this is for a Masters level). Use more articles and books than internet sources. 
– The letter should begin with “Dear MP” and end with “Yours Sincerely”.


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A letter to a UK Member of Parliament

A letter to a UK Member of Parliament

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