2 separate critical analysis essays

2 separate critical analysis essays. 2 separate critical analysis essays. **You need one source for each of the essay. DO NOT use more than 2 sources in each of them. You must find the source from the Wall Street Journal. For the first essay, you must choose the WSJ source published later than Jan. 12, 2016. For the longer essay (the second essay), there is no date requirement for the source.**

1. The first essay is a short paper written in the style of a letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal. Consult current issues of the Wall Street Journal for potential topics and to see how to present a brief and cogent argument (read several letters for reference). The letter should take and provide support for a position on an economic topic discussed in an article published in the Wall Street Journal during the two week period preceding the due date shown below. The letter can be in response to another letter, an opinion piece or some current event issue. Maximum length is 300 words (approximately one page) YOU MUST USE THE SOURCE THAT PUBLISHED LATER THAN FEB 12TH, 2016.

2. The second essay is a longer paper written in the style of a Wall Street Journal opinion article. The article should be timely and address an economic issue of current interest to Wall Street Journal readers. Read several articles in the Op Ed section of the Wall Street Journal for reference. Formal footnotes are not required but the article should clearly refer to other contributions in the Journal or elsewhere. Minimum length is 400 words or approximately two pages and maximum length 600 words or approximately three pages. Footnotes, titles and other extraneous material are not counted when determining the length of the paper. This paper is worth 100 points.

Grading Rubric: Each paper will be evaluated using four criteria

1) Organizational structure – 25 points. Is the paper logically organized? Are ideas cogently presented and explained? Is the writing convincing? Does the writing sustain interest?

2) Writing style – 25 points. Is the writing original and provocative? Does the paper have a professional tone? Does the paper satisfy the requirements in the syllabus? 

3) Analysis – 25 points. Does the paper take and support a position? Is the analysis reasonable?

4) Grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax – 25 points. Is the writing grammatically correct? Are words spelled correctly? Is word choice correct for the context of the sentence?


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2 separate critical analysis essays

2 separate critical analysis essays

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