Summary for history

I don’t know how to handle this History question and need guidance.

I have a history assignment to summarize the first chapter of my book (the american promise) seventh edition (a history of the united states) volume 1.

Homework assignment #1 – Roark Ch. 1

homework is to be 2 double-spaced pages, typed, and submitted online by the due dates listed on Canvas (Under “Modules”, “Calendar” etc.) All I am looking for is 1) that you write at least to 1 to ½ pages that you summarize the chapter clearly and concisely and logically. A good way to ascertain whether you have achieved this is to say to yourself (hypothetically) “if I were to give this summary to a classmate to help them study this chapter, would this really be of use to them.”

-If you do those things you should be able to get the full 6 points possible for each assignment.

Summary for history

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