Strategic Technology Plan

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Strategic Technology Plan:

  • Choose a business and industry (does not have to be real)
  • Your paper must be APA formatted and at least 10 but not greater than 15 pages in length
  • You will be developing a 5 year strategic technology plan for a company
  • o Develop a 10-15 question survey for your constituents to help you craft your strategic plan

    o Discuss other ways you will get stakeholder input

  • Create your Strategic Plan (a sample has been uploaded)
  • o Draft a Vision, Mission, and Values area

     There are thousands of examples online

    o Draft your guiding principles, goals, and measurement criteria

    o Make sure you cover:

     Your survey questions for the Strategic Technology Plan

     Mission Statement

     Vision Statement

     Guiding Principles

     Goals for those principles

     How those goals will be measured for success


    Strategic Technology Plan

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