Statistics using R Studio

I’m working on a Statistics question and need guidance to help me study.

#save your plots as an image file and upload separately

#save them as png with filename your_name_(question number)_(histogram/plot)

#write the commands, not just the numeric answer

#Question 1

#Create a new vector x with the following values:

# 2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,10000000,10000000

#Then calculate:

#a. Mean and Median

#b. 10% trimmed mean and 20% winsorized mean.

#Question 2

#(a) Read in the homework file hw_lab2.txt and call the object hwdata. Please use the file name instead of file.choose() in the read function

mydata = read.table(‘hw_lab2.txt’, header=TRUE, sep=NULL)

#(b) How many variables are in the file? How many subjects?

#(c) Create a histogram of the fruit day variable. Will the mean of the data

#be to the left (lower) or right (higher) of the most frequent values?

#(d) Create a boxplot of the fruit day variable. How many outliers are present?


#1) boxplot(x)

#2) print(boxplot(x,plot=F)$out)

#(e) Find the mean, median, and trimmed mean (20%) of the fruit day variable.

#(f) Create a density plot of the fruit day variable.

# (g) Add vertical lines to the previous plot that show where the mean, median,

#and trimmed mean are located.

Statistics using R Studio

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