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Consider the demonstration problem 6.3 which uses a normal distribution to determine the probability associated with generating between 3.6 and 5 pounds of waste per year.

Discuss any one of the following concepts associated with this problem.

  1. What are the “clues” that the problem can be solved with the use of the normal distribution?
  2. What is the relationship between the x value (e.g 3.6) and the z score?
  3. How is the probability of the event (3.6 to 5 pounds of waste) related to a specific area under the curve?
  4. How do we determine the area between 2 z values?

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When review and understand the best review the best way to demonstrate is to understand the z value in which this is going to give you the distribution table to be able to understand the z value clearly. But since when the normal distribution is symmetrical, the probability associated with z = -0.63 is the same as understand the probability z=0.63. Using this values we can find probability of 3.60<x<5.00 by summing the two area together. But it has to be work right in order to understand the concept to be fully clear on the value of z and in order to give a definition. The problem needs to be set up separately problems and as a resulting probability added together will be able to give a strong understanding and also a clearer value. The graphics of the waste is making sure the relationship between the two was clear and related specific to the two but you have to be able to understand what is associated with the two in order to get the understanding and values with both.


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Dr. Susan and class,

I am going to attempt to answer question number 2 for this discussion question. According to the text for this week, the Z score represents the number of standard deviations that the value, x, is above or below the mean. The value of the z score can be negative or positive. When solving for x, if the value of x is below the mean, then the z score will be negative. On the contrast, if the value of x is above the mean or more than the mean, the z score is positive. The z score will be zero if the value of x is equal to the mean. Once the x value has been determined, if the x value is not equal to the mean, to determine the distance of the x value from the mean, the

z formula allows for the distance to be converted into standard deviation units. The z score table can help to provide the probability for any normal curve problem that has been converted to z scores. (Black, 2017)

Reference: Black, K. (2017). Business Statistics, for Contemporary Decision Making (9th ed.). Retrieved from!/4/4/2@0:76.4.


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According to this weeks reading Business Statistics: For Contemporary Decision Making by Wiley (2017) and the database above. With the information above it has a z score value of 3.6 and this is negative because the number is lower than the mean. The mean of the problem above is 4.43 . this leads me in to why I choose to use question 2. The question is what is the relationship between the x value and the z score. The z score is the score that is used to determine the number of standard deviations which comes from the value of x, if it is higher or lower than the mean of a certain database. When we get to discussing the z score it can be positive and or it can be negative it does not matter but if the z score is negative it will represent a value lower than the mean and where it is a positive z score it will represent a higher mean.

Black, K. (2017). Business Statistics: For Contemporary Decision Making (9th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.



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One of the main clues of the normal distribution is with the bell-shaped curve. A bell-shaped curve is used to show the graphic of something based from the normal probability distribution. Its standard deviations are totally responsible for the bell-shaped curve. This curve is a representation of how values, frequencies, and even the probabilities that may occur. The relationship between the x value and the z score is the number of standard deviations, what is used to quantify variations. The purpose of standard deviations is to determine how spread out numbers are or how spread out numbers could potentially become over time. The probability of the event related to a specific area under the curve is the fact that whenever the value of x is below the mean, the rate of Z will then become a value of zero. To determine the values between the two z values because of the fact that there can only be one x value at a time. There cannot be multiple x values going on at the same time.


statistics discussion question

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