social play

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Assignment 7

Question 1

List one different social play activity that is suitable for each of the following groups (one activity per group, not a whole program):

a) Girls 6-10 years old

b) Boys 5-7 years old

c) Boys 8-12 years old

d) Teenagers mixed gender 13-16 years old

e) Children with physical handicaps or limitations (e.g. recovering from serious illness)

f) Children with cognitive disabilities

g) A mixed group of children ranging from 2–10 years old

h) A mixed culture/language group of any age you choose

Question 2

Report on the fourth part of the set task. Write about one page or 500 words.

Question 3

a) What did you learn from talking to children in the second part of the set task?

b) Were you comfortable talking with the children?

c) Do you think they were comfortable, and why or why not?

d) Do you think they communicated their thoughts and feelings well? Honestly?

e) How much influence do you think you had on how and what they communicated?

f) What did you learn from the experience about your ability to communicate with children?

g) What did you learn from the experience about the children’s social skills?

Write a paragraph for each of parts a) to g) above.

social play

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