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The article “Ramadan 2019: The heath benefits of fasting” by Sami Rahman from AlJazeera is about the multiple health benefits fasting and intermittent fasting provides for the body. In Ramadan, one cannot eat, drink, smoke, or have sexual relations from dawn to sunset each day. Reading the Quran is also emphasized much more in Ramadan than any other month in order to develop a closer relationship to Allah. Heath benefits include reduced risk of some cancers and developing dementia. It helps prevents high cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity. It also cleans the gut and removes dangerous toxins since the digestive system is resting. It could even reduce anxiety and depression.

I chose this article because people always look at Ramadan in a negative light. I want to change this stereotype and show people how great it really can be (or at least not damaging). I always get the “not even water?” question around this time, but it is nowhere near as bad as it sounds like! I am currently fasting, and after today there will be 11 days of Ramadan left. I haven’t felt hungry at all, just a little thirsty, and I can really feel the cleansing of the digestive system. I hope more and more people can get educated on Ramadan and just understand what it is actually like, not what it is portrayed to be.


response needed

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