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Need help with my Social Science question – I’m studying for my class.

Please respond to Jessica with 250 words:

1.I chose the section about “Nutritional Needs”
2.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

American Academy of Pediatrics…

3.The information provided for the first link was insightful about how the nutrition of a child can improve cognitive function that is important for learning as well as improving the mood. It also shared some statistics based on how children ate during the years.
The second link, I liked due to the fact that it shared a good chunk of information for eat group, from baby age to teenage years.

4.Chapter 5 discusses how the growth of a child affects motor skills. These are very important factors that are influenced by nutrition. “Children who do not receive adequate nutrition during their early years do not achieve optimal height.” (P.133) These influences can affect the body and appearance of a child. Failure to thrive in infants can occur.
Chapter 6 represents the section about cognitive and language development. This is an important part of learning how to eat and how baby signs such as, “fingertips to lips depict putting food in mouth” (p.188) signaling when they are hungry. The brain needs its food which is connected to cognition and language.
Chapter 8’s physical development focuses on changes in body size and appearance, their “nutritional requirements change to meet different growth and activity needs.” (P.254). The young child needs twos servings each of milk, meat, and fruit; three servings of vegetables; and six servings of bread and grains. Age groups if 2-4 need fewer calories than the older groups.
Chapter 10 is about the social and emotional development of a child. It focuses on dealing with conflict, anger, and aggression. Proper nutrition can affect the mood by improving it.
Chapter 11 focuses on bone health. “Building healthy bones is essential for a lifelong health, especially in preventing common disease.” (P. 354) The American Academy of Pediatrics’ article focuses on calcium which is important for bone health development.

response needed

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