Respond to two math discussions

I need support with this Mathematics question so I can learn better.

1. “Conceptual Error: For Me the Conceptual Error is the one that I most relate too. I believe going back to when i learned Math in high school, and not fully being able to understand the problem on its entirely. having the one on one communication with the teacher. a successful student understands mathematical ideas, and had the ability to transfer its knowledge into new situations and apply them. Now, using the Aleks Program I try to understand the program but, when is time to solve it i end up with the wrong answer. For me it is very difficult to understand it just by reading, even though, a video helps I am more of a people’s person (interaction), therefore It takes me as twice as long to solve the problem and if I do find the solution usually its the wrong answer. Practicing Consumer Math 1 for me was kind of easy, however graphs, function and system is giving me a headache and Its making fall behind the course. I think that if I want to prevent conceptual errors its not going to be easy, I will need to more time to explore and discover a new math concept in a way that will help me see and understand the why.”

2. “The error that I make most often is conceptual. I have difficulty comprehending the question especially word problems. I HATE! them. Because of this, I spend a lot of time getting problems wrong and repeating them. As a result it takes longer to complete an assignment. Perhaps this is why I do not enjoy math. This was the case last week. It took a long time to reach the minimum goal because of it. When a problem has numbers and symbols I can figure out the concept. The only way that I can figure out how to conquer this is by reading out loud and trying to understand the vocabulary words. I do not have this problem in other courses

Respond to two math discussions

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