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I just want you to respond to this question that already answered and give some thought and examples to this:


1: What were some of the main reasons Europeans had for wanting to

colonize North America and how did British colonial ventures especially

epitomize some of those trends? Be sure to give specific examples from

the colonization endeavors outlined in the chapters.


I believe that the Europeans had good intention when colonizing the New World.Many wanted to own their own land and start a new life like many have previously stated. They envisioned a place where there was religious freedom and have no fear of being persecuted by governments. Each and every colony had their own reasons on coming to American. Some were positive and some were negative.There was several reasons main reasons why Europeans colonized American which can be found on page 45 in our textbook.

(1) to provide the mother country with valuable raw material such as timber for shipbuilding, tobacco for smoking, and fur pelts for hats and coats.

(2) to develop a thriving consumer market in America for English manufactured goods and luxury items.To populate their new colonies , the English encouraged social rebels (including convicts), religious dissenters, and the homeless and landless to migrate to America, thereby reducing social and economic tensions at home (David Emory, 45).

Europe was running low of raw materials which brought life to the idea of shipping raw materials back to Europe. Europe was experiencing economic hardship and wanted to get rid of the so called, “burdens of society” these would be people that leaders thought did not contribute to society. European leaders thought that by shipping of folks that are were not ideal citizens that this would boost their economy.

respond question for history

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