respond question for history

I’m trying to study for my History course and I need some help to understand this question.


I just want you to respond to the response question that already answered and give some thought and examples to this:


: How were colonial societies structured in terms of family

life, economics, religion, and politics by the end of the 1600s into the

mid-1700s? What kinds of tensions did colonists experience and how did

they try to maintain order and make sense of their world?


In terms of colonial societies, I find the religion section to be very interesting. It was thought-provoking reading both of your replies and I see that you have made many great points such as how women were treated in cases of presumed witchcraft. I also noticed that Zachary had mentioned how Rhode Island was one of the most democratic of the thirteen colonies. I found the story behind the founding of this colony to be interesting because it was solely created off the idea that Roger Williams had different beliefs than the Puritans. Like Williams, Anne Hutchinson had very strong feelings about these religious matters and was banished to Rhode Island too.

respond question for history

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