research project food: brownies

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Your research will culminate in a formal research paper and in the sharing of this food with your classmates. The research paper should be three to six pages (900 words to 1800 words), with sources cited in-text and on a References page not included in the three page paper. The paper and the food are due on the date for which you signed up.

It is important to remember that your own opinions are relevant here, so please add to the history and culture of the food by discussing its cultural meaning, and its meaning to you.While the paper is research based, it should go beyond informed summary of what others have said and be a personal analysis.

-the history, why they are called brownies, and some fun facts and anything else you find interesting


-the paper is creative and reveals your curiosity

-appropriate descroptions, facts, examples, and comparisons are presented when discussing the food

-facts are interpreted and analyzed( i.e. the paper goes beyond restating of information and reflects critical thinking)

-the paper draws upon relevant sources of food culture(3 sources minimum, more encouraged. atleast 1 book is used)

-writing meets college standards in terms of grammar and style. sources are cited in-text and on references.


times new roman, 12 size


research project food: brownies

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