Research paper on human trafficking in Bangladesh

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A research paper is required about a specific form of crime in an assigned country (minimum 3 single spaced pages–1500 words which do not include references). Your paper will provide details about a specific crime problem (including patterns, trends and the impact of the crime), analyze the root causes and immediate causes, and suggest the ways in which the crime and its consequences may be minimized. The paper will include a review of relevant literature on the topic and will integrate and synthesize the materials you gather into the paper.

why the crime is relevant for the particular country (context), why it has occurred in the first place (causal factors), and why it has increased or decreased over the years (change and statistics). Then, in the discussion, recommend solutions and ways in which a crime problem can be minimized and/or prevented. The above requires a full-fledged review of literature incorporating information from journal articles, books, reports and Internet sites. Please remember this is a research report that involves hard work of searching relevant information to answer the above. Don’t forget to look at the APA reference format (APA style)

Research paper on human trafficking in Bangladesh

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