Research paper on Cyber Incident Response Plan of 7 pages in APA format

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  1. Topic: Cyber Incident Response Plan Overview: A computer security incident is a violation of (or imminent threat of) a violation of computer security policies, acceptable use policies, or standard security practices. As successful Doctoral candidate that completes ITS 834 you must be able to:
    • Define and structure metrics to manage cybersecurity engineering.
    • Identify and evaluate existing capabilities for cybersecurity engineering.
    • Identify competency and capability gaps for cybersecurity engineering.
    • Define and prioritize cybersecurity engineering needs.
    • Explore the options for addressing cybersecurity engineering needs.
    • Summarize and plan for improvements in cybersecurity engineering performance.

    Scenario: You have just been appointed as the Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer (CTO) in the City of New Cumberland (See “City of New Cumberland Organizational Structure” diagram). In the recent months, several team members from the Incident response team, research and development, and the IT team manager were fired due to their alleged involvement with cyber incidents. The city manager is concerned that the firing of the employees may cause them to retaliate and/or disrupt the critical services in the City of New Cumberland. Additionally, the city manager believes there may be an unmanageable amount of attack surfaces in the current network design. As your first as the CTO, the city manager has asked that you:

    1. develop a cyber incident response plan that addresses the concerns (should contain a high-level flow chart – see “Example incident response flow chart” and a brief description of how it is supposed to work),
    2. restructure your CISO and CIO teams as you see fit (diagram and description),
    3. provide an analysis of potential threats and vulnerabilities,
    4. summarize your organization revisions and provide key areas of focus for your current and future employees.

    Guidelines for Submission: Using APA 6th edition style standards, submit a Word document that is 5-7 pages in length (excluding title page, references, and appendices) and include at least five credible scholarly references to support your plan. The UC Library is a good place to find these sources. Be sure to cite and reference your work using the APA guides and essay template that are located in the courseroom. Include the following critical elements in your cyber incident response plan:

    1. A cyber incident response plan that addresses the concerns:
      1. Retaliation and/or disruption of critical services in the City of New Cumberland from a previous employee.
      2. Address the attack surfaces in the current network design.
    2. A diagram and associated descriptions of the cyber incident response plan.
    3. A diagram and associated descriptions of your restructuring plan for the CISO and CIO teams.
    4. An analysis of potential threats and vulnerabilities
    5. A summary of everything covered by your plan.
    • Please ensure your paper complies APA 6th edition style guidelines. There is an essay template located under the Information link.
    • APA basics:
      • Your essay should be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″)
      • Use 1″ margins on all sides, first line of all paragraphs is indented ½” from the margin
      • Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font
    • Follow the outline provided above. Use section headers to improve the readability of your paper. If I cannot read and understand it, you will not earn credit for the content.

    See “How to Build Your Cyber Incident Response Plan” from SANS.orgThis assignment is worth 190 points.ITS834_Cyber_Incident_Response_Plan_Guidelines_and_Rubric.pdf

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Research paper on Cyber Incident Response Plan of 7 pages in APA format

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