Reflection Paper on Psych of Human Sexuality

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write a 2 page reflection paper that specifically reflects on how the course content and readings apply to you, personally. You are the expert on your life, and this assignment is your space to talk about how the course materials relate to you; your reactions to the content, your thoughts, feelings and opinions about the topics under study, and your exploration of how the content relates to your past or current experiences as well as to your future choices. I am the only person who will read your journal entries. When writing these reflections, avoid summarizing what you have read or what was covered in the textbook (instead of reflecting/reacting). Avoid generalizing (talking about other people, e.g., “Everyone knows that…”). Use the following topics to reflect on for male young adult (22):

Sexual Expression

Sexual Orientation

Contraception and Abortion

Power and Coercion

Sexuality in the media and arts

Reflection Paper on Psych of Human Sexuality

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