Real Estate Law Short Essay Responses

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With respect to Assignment 1 attached below, each State has its own statutes (laws), regulations and policies; especially with respect to liens. Liens are discussed fully in your textbook for Chapter 4. For purposes of your Assignment 1, you should be concerned about Private Encumbrances beginning on page 88. As with each State, Maryland’s laws regarding perfecting materialmen’s or mechanics liens are very prescriptive. These liens are imposed by Maryland law on real property to secure payment for work performed or materials furnished for the construction, repair, alteration or improvements on real property. As an assistance to you, in order to find the appropriate Maryland law that is cited in No. 1 of Assignment 1, you can not only go to the library to look at the specific statute where you are directed in No. 1, you can also research the specific law on various websites, including and navigating through the page for the Real Property statute, but you can also perform a search with the terms that are requested in the question.

Because this may be a new dynamic for many of you, understand that the specific statutory citations begin in the Real Property Article, Sections 9-101 through 9-114. Look at the specific question asked to find the answers in the statute as requested.

Please respond to the following two inquiries. At least 1-2 page essay for these 2 topics

1. Maryland’s mechanic’s/materialmen’s lien law can be found in the Maryland Annotated Code, Real Property Article, Title 9. From Maryland real property law: a) List the claimants entitled to file a mechanic’s lien or materialmen’s lien claim; b) List the requirements for a claim of lien; c) List the requirements for foreclosing a mechanic’s or materialmen’s lien.

2. Research the internet to determine what information Maryland Counties or Baltimore City makes available about real property taxes. List the information and URL or website that such information is available online to the public.

Real Estate Law Short Essay Responses

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