Questions for part 3 Becoming Nicole

I’m studying and need help with a English question to help me learn.

Please read part 3 of Becoming Nicole (see attached file)

Then please help me answer the followings questions (at least 300 words per question)

  1. In Chapter 26, “The Transgender Brain,” what does Nutt add to our understanding of the “transgender brain”? What has science told us about the brains of transgender people? (Please don’t paraphrase the first paragraph of the chapter, which is about homosexuality and doesn’t have anything to do with being transgender. Read the entire chapter—which is, in fact, very short–before answering this question.)
  2. Discuss the difficulty the Maines family encounters when Nicole is in middle school and a boy named Jacob begins persecuting her. What do you think of the way the school handles this problem? Why do Kelly and Wayne disapprove of the way the school handles the problem? What do you think of the way that the Maineses themselves deal with the problem?
  3. I have placed two videos in this week’s module. One is an interview with Nicole, and the other is an interview with Wayne, Nicole, and Amy Ellis Nutt. Take a look at them, and then write a post in which you discuss anything that you find interesting in the videos and relate it to the book (and/or the other texts we have read). You might consider this particular quote from Amy Ellis Nutt from the second interview: “Everything about them [the Maines family] turns gender on its head . . . and I love that about them. . . . Everything about them, I think, puts the lie to the fact that we have just two genders, that there’s male and there’s female.” (She’s not simply talking about Nicole; she’s talking about how every member of the family in some way or other doesn’t adhere to gender stereotypes.) How can you relate this quote to this book?

Questions for part 3 Becoming Nicole

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