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I’m working on a Political Science exercise and need support.

I myself know all too well about the struggles as a young freshman in college. I experienced some if not all of the tribulations that you mentioned in your post. The stress truly builds up creating an unhealthy lifestyle that includes a terrible diet, alcoholism, and sleepless nights leading to the “Freshman 15”. I chose a career in the military instead of continuing college at my young age and just in my first year had accrued $30,000 in student loans and fought tooth and nail to rid myself of that debt. A young adult doesn’t understand how hard they’re going to have to work after graduation to make their way in life as they’re focused on trying to keep their head above water just passing classes and stressing over finals. Stress can look good or bad on a person depending on how they manage it and let it affect them, i.e., I strive in stressful situations at work whereas my peers in the same situation sometimes crumble. We have to help them balance out and build them up to our level!

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A little background, I am in the military and also a student. Please talk about the mental struggle of juggling the two.

Post reply 2 PADA 2041

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