Political Science Research Paper Outline

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Research Paper topic: Necessary and Proper clause


Outline must be submitted in a formal outline format as shown below. The outline should demonstrate enough detail to make it clear that you have considered the organization of your paper, including the research required for your topic, and the planned sections for your paper. At the end of your outline, please provide a listing of the sources which you have already identified for use in creating your paper.

Outline Format

I. Introduction & Background

A. Introduction

    1. Brief introductory remarks on why you chose your particular constitutional clause
    2. Clear and concise thesis statement

II. First writing prompt

A. Summary and explanation of the meaning and significance of the clause given by any one of the following early writings on the Constitution:

1. Hamilton, Madison, Jay. The Federalist Papers (Links to an external site.), 1788

2. William Rawle, A View of the Constitution (Links to an external site.), 1829.

3. Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution (Links to an external site.), 1833.

III. Second writing prompt

A. Summary of one Supreme Court case that addresses your clause. Be sure to quote and explain the most important passages of the court cases directly in your paper.

IV. Third writing prompt

A. Use of at least three scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles on your chosen clause (you may use the Heritage Guide to the Constitution. (Links to an external site.)as one of your sources). Make sure you cite properly.

V. Conclusion & Future Research

A. Closing

1. Clear and concise summation of how student’s research supports thesis.

B. Future Research

1. Brief discussion of possible future research on topic.

VI. APA Style in-text citations and references where appropriate

Political Science Research Paper Outline

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