political communication power point presentation

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The task for your presentations:
A special campaign for one unusual candidate

The candidate is running for mayor as an independent candidate for a provincial town with 100 000 population. The town is situated in the southern part of a catholic conservative country.

A very conservative, even nationalistic party occupies the central government. They play with xenophobia and ant-gay attitudes in the society to gain political support.

The candidate is openly gay, with a publicly known partner. He has a very relaxed style, authentic, looking credible. He proposed smart austerity like selling the limousines of the mayor and to use his bike.

His agenda is center-left: create more preschool spots and improve the state-run health system. He also advocates for reduced poverty, liberalization abortion restrictions.

The city is economically very developed – large factories of notable brands give jobs to the local people. One of the huge problems of the employers is the lack of qualified and skillful work force.

Another problem that is very typical for the whole country is the diminishing population in the city: young people are leaving for other places.

Thirdly, the local municipality is running heavily on debt.

The city infrastructure is deteriorating with potholes on the streets and bad transportation.

The bi-partisan model of the town council is paralyzing its work.

The age group 35-44 is the biggest in the city together with age group 25-34 and 55-64.


• Make a SWOT analysis of the candidate.
• Explain how you think the weaknesses and the threats could be avoided.
• Come up with ideas for the main messages for the candidate.
• Try to create soundbites or a slogan for his campaign.

political communication power point presentation

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