Policy Issues and the Police

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1. Respond to the following in a minimum of 75 words, include proper grammar, in text citations and references

Currently, there are approximately 150 oversight boards or civilian–police oversight departments operating in the United States. Typically, they are primarily affiliated with large municipal police agencies. Although these organizations differ in size, responsibilities, and other ways, they should always follow three primary models for success (Ajilore, 2018). The following models are Investigator-focused models, who enlist non-police civilian trained investigators to look into accusations against officers. Secondly, the Review-focused model, that will manage internal affairs investigations and make suggestions about operations to the police (Ajilore, 2018). These review boards tend to be staffed by volunteers and community members because this approach promotes the ideology that the board is responsive to the community. Lastly, implement an Auditing model, ergo, agencies can focus attention on overall patterns of officers’ misconduct rather than individual incidents (Ajilore, 2018).

2. Respond to the following in a minimum of 75 words, include proper grammar, in text citations and references

Civilian review board usually review complaints and making recommendations as to disciplinary action after the police department has completed its own investigation and made a disciplinary recommendation. The importance of the civilian review board, therefore, rests on whether the disciplining officer is forced to accept or to provide a public account of why the recommendation is not accepted. Civilian review board should be able to override the recommendations of the police, although such prospects are somewhat unrealistic. Civilian oversight promises more equitable policing because it is a process by which non-police community members can regularly provide input into police department operations. Civilian review boards need to have the authority to either discipline officers or recommend discipline of officers that department leaders will then enforce. Finally, boards need to have sufficient resources of funding and manpower to effectively oversee departmental activities. Civilian oversight boards are not a catch-all solution to excessive police force, but they can help to hold police accountable and reduce instances of the unnecessary use of force. Civilian review board are promising to enhance public safety and the trust in police.

Policy Issues and the Police

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