Play Analysis

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Your initial discussion initial post to me (10 points) must be at least 200 words These plays contain dramatic elements of the abstract and the absurd.

ï‚· The Sandbox:

In the beginning of The Sandbox, the Young Man reveals that he is the Angel of Death. This is absurd in and of itself, because such revelations are, usually, developed slowly throughout a play or revealed at the end of a play. Did this revelation early on in the play ruin or enhance the ending for you? What seems to be the climax of this play? What do you think about the ending? Finally, considering what you’ve learned about the abstract play genre, discuss why The Sandbox would fit this category.

ï‚· Sure Thing:

(Be sure that you have watched the Interactive Link for this play!)

ï‚· In Sure Thing, do you consider the dialogue representative of the ‘mating dance’ that takes place in relationships? Are Betty and Bill compromising or finding common ground? Finally, considering what you’ve learned about the absurd play genre, discuss why Sure Thing would fit this category.

 You must use at least one specific quote from each play to support your view.



Play Analysis

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