Personal AI Roadmap

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Assignment Structure:

  1. Executive Summary (~1 Paragraph): Provide a general overview of how you think AI will impact your career in the future.
  2. Career Aspirations (~1/2 Page)
  1. Discuss your career aspirations. Focus on the kinds of problems you would like to engage with and solve in your “job of the future.”
  • Impact of AI on your Career (~1 Page)
    1. What are the principal ways in which you anticipate AI impacting your career?
    2. What are the main technologies categorized under the broad banner of AI that will be useful to you in your future career? Feel free to use the reading from Module 3 on the “Taxonomy of AI Technologies” to help frame your arguments here.
    3. Layout a roadmap for how you will learn/incorporate these technologies into your future work.
  1. Conclusion (~1 Paragraph)
    1. Summarize the key points in the Personal AI Roadmap and identify the next critical action steps.

Personal AI Roadmap

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