Paper about aging

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In this paper, you only need to write the abstract (only 150-250 words) and write a little bit more on the reflection part. Also, please check if the APA format is right for this whole paper:)

APA formating:

For the abstract:

An APA Abstract is summary of this paper. Describe the research problem (what is this paper), method (what the writer did to complete this paper such as interview via zoom and the theory used to describe the older adult you interviewed), results (overall theme of person’s life) and conclusion ( what you took away from the life review process)

Please read my whole paper and start working on the abstract to summary every thing above using 150-250 words only.

Background information for this paper:

Life review, as described by Robert Butler, is a naturally occurring, universal mental process prompted by the realization of a foreshortened life expectancy. It potentially proceeds toward a reorganization of the self, including the achievement of such characteristics as wisdom and serenity in the aged. The process consists of reminiscence, thinking about oneself, and a reconsideration of previous life 2 experiences and their meaning. The task of a life review is to evaluate one’s life and accomplishments and to accept the whole, both the good and the difficulties, as all necessarily a part of one’s own individual life. This sense of embracing life confirms that one’s story has been “a meaningful adventure in history.” The life review process takes place gradually over a period of years for the older person and an interested other person usually assist the older adult by taking an oral history. The history can be taken over a period of several sessions and may be tape recorded (when consented to). The results are life longlasting memories, which may be given to the older adult or their family members and kept as a keepsake and shared with younger family members.

Also please write a little bit more on the reflection part. I already did some, please add more to make the whole conclusion part around 500 words double spaced (including my words so you only need to write 200 words more for this part).

reflection format:

Reflect on what you learned from this assignment. Address elements not only learned from the older adult, but also the interview processes and application of course concepts. Moreover, state what you learned from this writing process. Describe what you would have done different through this process and explain why. Also, briefly describe your own personal reactions associated with one’s own aging process.

Thank you so much for your help 🙂

Paper about aging

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