Organizational Behavior management

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S.T.A.R. Instructions

  • Apply key Organizational Behavior concepts to your career and professional life using real-life examples.
  • Produce a concise report of 200-300 words.
  • Follow S.T.A.R. steps as a guideline for telling your story and naming, defining, and applying OB concepts, models, and theories.

Situation: In one sentence, identify the situation in your career or professional life.

Task: In one sentence, identify the task.

Action: In one paragraph explain what action you took. Apply a theory, model, or concepts from your readings.

Results: In one paragraph, explain the results/outcomes of your action. Apply the theory, model, or concepts from your reading.

  • Include specific details to show how a selected theory or model relates to and provides insights into your experience. Does the experience support or refute the theory or model? How does the theory or model help you understand the experience?

S.T.A.R. Reflection Question:

  1. After reading this week’s Chapters 1 and 2 (see “Organizational Behavior and Management”) explain how one of the discussed concepts (e.g., organizational effectiveness, speed of change, psychological contract, technology, five cultural dimensions, organizational culture, socialization, mentoring, spirituality) impact your behavior in the workplace.
  2. What are its positive, as well as the negative, implications on your workplace behavior?
  3. In the context of the selected concept, do you believe that you might have difficulty working with others who behave differently? Why?

S.T.A.R. Reflection Paper Formatting

  • Title Page
  • Situation (1 sentence)
  • Task (1 sentence)
  • Action (1 paragraph)
  • Results (1 paragraph)
  • Conclusion (2-3 sentences)
  • References

Organizational Behavior management

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