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online shop. online shop. You will individually create an online store of your own, the store must have a name created by you, an about page explaining the vision and mission of the store, a list of 5 products with its descriptions, and an additional page providing an idea of how to combine your products and use them together. The online shop must be under one of the following themes: only choose one ,,
1- Makeup – online shop
2- Clothing – online shop
3- Furniture – online shop

Task 1 – creating an online store page .. Overview
Using Weebly you will need to create an online shopping webpage with three categories
What to include;
An about page Products page Inspiration/ idea page

Task 2 – About Page .. Overview ,
This will be the home page and could be categorized under the name of your choice, Nonetheless, you will include in this page the vision and mission of your online store with an exciting and creative insight

What to include
– Content explaining vision and mission of the online store – Sensory language – Figure of speech
Task 4 – Product description page , Overview,, This page must have five products with the price and description of the product which will designate features and benefits of the products, all the written material must be original and written from your own words
What to include;
– Sensory language for each product – Figure of speech for each product – Benefits and features

Task 5 – inspirational/ idea page ,, Overview..
This page will include an inspiration to the target market, your job here is to create a look using more than one of your displayed products, you will explained how they work together in an exciting and insightful way
What to include
– Figure of speech – Sensory language

Task 6 – theme and design .. Overview ,,
The page must be well designed to attract the target market and the organization and accessibility of the webpage
What to include; Visuals

Hand in instructions ,, Overview ..
You will use the formatted report and fill it with all the required information,

Evidence to produce,, Harvard references of any used material, including content, visuals or anything that was used as an outsource to help create your project ..
I will upload now the order instruction to understand more and I will also upload the lessons of figure speech and sensory language that report need to understand what it mean ..

I don’t want to write the information in a Microsoft world
I want to right it in the formatted report paper I upload ( fill it with the information ) and don’t forget to put the link of online shop in formatted report paper which is this

Webpage link ________
About page content:
Paste about page content that you wrote in your web page here_______

Product description:_________
Paste product description that you wrote in your webpage here
Product 1:______________

Product 2:________

Product 3:________________

Product 4:____________________

Product 5:___________

Inspirational/ idea page content:
Paste product description that you wrote in your webpage here__________________

References used _________________


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online shop

online shop

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