no specific question, please respond to the 3 discussion topics below as instructed (minimum 100 words each)

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IT117: Website Development

Topic 1:

This discussion has two parts.

Part 1: You will download the provided HTML file, Unit 5 Debug.html, located here, which has errors that need debugging. Once you have corrected the code, respond in this forum with what you have learned in the debugging process.

What troubles did you have? What breakthroughs? How will you apply what you have learned in this debugging process to future development?

Part 2: This week, you will use CSS to format a website layout and navigation. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a formatting language that can be used with HTML to format website page elements.

Discuss the advantages and challenges of using CSS on a website. Include at least two advantages and two challenges of using CSS to format a website.

IT261: Desktop Administration

Topic 2: Public WiFi Security

The salespeople in your company all use laptops, so they can take data and information with them on the road. You are a salesperson for a retail business and, while on the road, you need to communicate with your customers and office personnel using public WiFi services (e.g., hotel, airport, coffee shops). Perform research on the Internet and find out some of the security breaches that have taken place at organizations within the last 5 years using unsecured public WiFi services. Report your findings and include the reference. In addition, list some of the steps that you should take as the salesperson to help secure the privacy of the information of your customers and employer as you make use of the laptop to communicate through WiFi in public establishments.

no specific question, please respond to the 3 discussion topics below as instructed (minimum 100 words each)

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