Need Summary of Articles as per the guidelines mentioned below

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  • Cite the article using the APA style.
  • Write a concise summary – in your own words, no copying – of no less than 150 words for each assigned article that complies with the following:
  • the authority or background of the author, including why we should trust the source of the material,
  • summarize the information presented
  • Possible shortcomings or biases of the work
  • What you found most interesting in this work.
  • Do not use words that relate to you personally such as “I”, others “you”, or reference your personal opinion
  • Remember that these articles have been peer reviewed by others in the field.

Article 1: Hosono, K., Miyakawa, D., Uchino, T., Hazama, M., Ono, A., Uchida, H., & Uesugi, I. (2016). Natural Disasters, Damage to Banks, and Firm Investment. International Economic Review, 57(4), 1335–1370.

Article 2: Parsons, C. (2016). Disasters and trade: did Hurricane Katrina affect US imports? International Economics & Economic Policy, 13(2), 177–194.

Article 3: Oh, C. H. (2017). How do natural and man-made disasters affect international trade? A country-level and industry-level analysis.
Journal of Risk Research,
20(2), 195–217.

Need Summary of Articles as per the guidelines mentioned below

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