need my discussion to be done tonight before 11:59 pm

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

Now that you have reviewed the four student sample essays, address 3-5 things that you are taking away from this experience that will help you perform better on Essay #4. Do not focus on content (the topic of the essays). Instead, make observations about MLA formatting, source integration, acknowledging a counterargument, using transitions, crafting a Works Cited page, etc. Make specific references to the student samples by indicating the topic or title of that student’s essay.

By Tuesday, 5/5

You will respond to my initial thread. This post, as all of your discussion posts this semester, should be 150-350 words. You do not need to include this word count; however, use Use bullet points or numbering to help your reader navigate your response more easily.

By Thursday, 5/7

Remember that you must reply to at least 2 other students by Thursday, though you can certainly do it sooner. Make sure your replies are thoughtful, respectful, and specific. Since this is a threaded discussion, it is imperative for you to refer to students by their names in your replies so it is especially clear who you are responding to. Also, all replies to students should be 25-100 words in length, though you need not include this word count in the replies.

need my discussion to be done tonight before 11:59 pm

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