Modify the essay(behavior finance) 6 hours

I’m working on a Business exercise and need support.

Accoding my professor feedback modify the essay. You can not change a lot only add and modify the essay. The ppt just like outline. Read the ppt first and read the whole essay second. Then according my professor opinion to modify and change. Also when you add or modify anything please use read color to show me. YOU NEED GIVE NEXT 6 HOURS,BUT I WILL POST 3 DAYS, BECAUSE MY PROFESSOR WILL CONTIONUE GIVE ME FEEDBACK. SO YOU NEED MODIFY NOT ONLY ONE TIME

Here is opinion. Thanks for the draft. In my opinion, To improve the paper, financial decision-making process and Decision-Making Errors & Biases parts should be shortened and Top Biases in Behavior Finance part should be extended.

Modify the essay(behavior finance) 6 hours

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