MFT/ LCSW Mental Health Illness and substance abuse

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These are two separate question, and should be answered separately with a least 1 in text cites with at least 200 words with reading provided below.

Question 1:What is the relationship between trauma and addiction?

Question 2:Summarize in separate paragraphs 1) how the Bowser article conceptualizes substance abuse as a secondary symptom of trauma and 2) how it relates to the Davis article on addiction and connection?

Required Reading

Davis, J. (2019). Using connection to transform addiction. Retrieved on June 2, 2019 from

Include the 14-minute YouTube on this page, Everything you thought you knew about addiction is wrong.

Edwards, K. M., Murphy, S., Palmer, K. M., Haynes, E. E., Chapo, S.,Ekdahl, B. A., Buel, S. (2017). Co-Occurrence of and recovery from substance abuse and lifespan victimization: A qualitative study of female residents in trauma-informed sober living homes. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 1-9.

MFT/ LCSW Mental Health Illness and substance abuse

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