Manager’s decision

I need help with a Management question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

You can answer this question in one page. An introduction with background, the actual selection and detailed description and of course tell me why.

You have just become the manager of an assisted living facility for elderly but ambulatory (able to move without assistance) clients. You have me to the conclusion that you need a new facility. The building youare is a converted hotel built in the 1960s and it no longer a viable platform to effectively support you mission and server a geriatric population. In addition to needing rooms dining facility, a medical clinic (with 24hs staff), a hair solon, technology lab, game room (pool, vintage games, etc.) movie theater and pool a new requirement has been identified by the industry and that is feline and k-9 staff. This special staff would consist of a few dogs and cats living in the new facility with the over 300 clients. Note animal staff should not be isolate but can be restricted to certain parts of the facility.

You need to locate a building anywhere in the US but consider that we don’t want our clients to get sick because of cold winters. Also, excessive heat may be a problem. There are no specific cost constraints but all of the specified criteria must be met or a close as you can. Remember that you where there is more that one floor clients will need multiple elevators and visitors must have elevators. Also, consider the extensive safety apparatus for the elderly to move and bathe. Lastly there must be room for Huv-a-rounds and all types of wheel cha (see these are target for folks who can´t walk easily).

As you prepare your answer this question insure you prioritized the specialized criteria above. Also, determine whether you want to use generic criteria. Note the more requirements included in your recommendation for a new facility the higher your score. When you locate a new facility online insure that the URL and a description matching some or a the attributes described above are included, It is fine to pick one that is already assisted living But these will have to be very close to perfect in meeting specified criteria.

Manager’s decision

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