Managerial Report; Case Problem, Workforce Scheduling

Managerial Report; Case Problem, Workforce Scheduling. Managerial Report; Case Problem, Workforce Scheduling. All case studies should be submitted in the form of a “Managerial Report”. A Managerial Report is usually a response to a senior manager or “executive board” which has raised an “issue” that needs to be analyzed with accompanying recommendations. The senior manager or “board” will subsequently make a decision based upon the analyses. As a consequence, the Managerial Report should written in “third Person” format, provide a coherent flow of information concentrating on the technical “facts” and void of “opinions”, and in a format and tenor to be easily understood by the decision maker(s)

The report format should include:
-An “Executive Overview”: A succinct but comprehensible description of the overall problem being addressed

-An “Executive Summary”: A brief statement which contains the primary & secondary conclusions and recommendations of the study

-Analysis Section
Underlying assumptions of the model & analyses
Structured for easy validation/comprehension by subsequent readers
Summary graphs and tables with details referenced in order to the appendices
Sensitivity Analyses on assumptions/results

-Conclusions/Recommendations Section
Summary of results considered important to the final decisions that need to be made
The recommended top and alternate (if applicable) recommendation(s)

Detailed models outputs
Spread sheets
Data tables for all analyses (usually too detailed for containing in document body).

Case 2 is entitled “Workforce Scheduling” is found in Chapter 9 in the text. The document should be submitted as MSWORD document.

Anderson, D. R., Sweeney, D. J., & Williams, T. A. (2016). Quantitative methods for business (13th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

This case examines how a company has earned a new contract that will need the combination of existing long-term lease vehicles plus an addition number of short-term leased vehicles to meet the project completion time. This case examines how a company has two manufacturing plants with product demand variability from month-to-month creating workforce scheduling issues. Recently, management started hiring temporary workers from a temporary hiring firm. Three options were provided for the manufacturing management to utilize. The Case Study provides a scenario of the hiring, training, and related costs. Students should examine the case description and provide responses to the 4 questions posed in a management style format. Please see the formatting and information expected in a management style format given in your Instructor’s Syllabus.


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Managerial Report; Case Problem, Workforce Scheduling

Managerial Report; Case Problem, Workforce Scheduling

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