legal environment of business

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Instructions:: Research court cases that have directly impacted your industry..

In your own words,, describe the facts of the case..

In your own words,, describe the issue that was to be decided in the case..

In your own words,, explain the decision made by the court..

In your own words,, explain the reason for the court’s decision..

Include proper citations of the case((ss)) and all law((ss)) that were invoked throughout the case..

Describe how the court’s decision has impacted your industry (ccite all sources used))..

Submit the report through D2L by the due date listed above.. Early submission will be accepted..

Tip:: Use “SSample Court Case”” in the Appendix to Chapter 1 (pp.. 38)) to guide your structure and thought process..

Objectives:: To learn how court cases have shaped your desired industry..

To demonstrate ability to locate legal information..

To demonstrate ability to cite legal information

legal environment of business

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