law of sines and cosines problem

I’m trying to learn for my Calculus class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

For this discussion, you will work in groups to solve for LaTeX: a


in the oblique triangle ABC; AB = 30; AC = 15 and angle B = degrees


Oblique triangle  ABC; AB = 30; AC = 15 and angle B = 20 degrees.

type out the two equations substituting the numbers from the diagram.

  • First, type out the Law of Sines set of relationships.
  • Next, type out the most appropriate version to use the Law of Cosines for this solution.
  • make a prediction of which method will be easier to use in finding a solution and why you think that is the case.
  • solve for a using both methods (show step by step work)

law of sines and cosines problem

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