International Relations: FINAL EXAMINAT

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Dear Fellow Members of the International Relations Class,

Best wishes to you for a pleasant day, and here it is: our final exam, the last obstacle if you wish, before spring freedom. It consists of two essay questions, and you should do two to three pages on EACH, and submit it by return email by Friday, May 8 at 4:00 PM. Do make sure that you hit the required limit, and you can double space if you wish. I found in other classes that some students are only submitting one paragraph for each essay – that is a good way to start as it concentrates your thought, but remember that is not a complete essay. If it helps make an outline (say four points which you wish to make) before writing your essay as that helps. Also don’t worry about grammar as we are only interested in good ideas. Well, end of sermon, here are the questions:


In considering the evolution of the modern international system, we have studied at least four attempts (other than universal empire) for creating international order – the Congress system, the Concert system, the League of Nations and the United Nations. Which of these four is the best for organizing and creating international order, and why (you can also say why you think it is better than the other three), and does it, or any of these offer a pattern for international peace and order as we advance into the mid-twenty-first century?

International Relations: FINAL EXAMINAT

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