I will need 2 Responses to the following DB Posts – ECON 230

Can you help me understand this Economics question?

Two (2) response posts ranging from 125-200 words

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This weeks study ———–

There are many firms operating in the United States that engage in practices Christians find disagreeable. Depending on your faith tradition and Biblical interpretation tobacco, alcohol, casino firms may fall into this category. Beyond the actual business that firms are in there are also firms that support in some way abortion, drug legalization, and many other policies and practices. What is a Christian’s obligation to invest in only firms that are supportive on one’s moral and ethical code?What about the fact that tax money is used to support similar practices such as subsidizing abortion providers and tobacco farmers and casino operators and so forth?

Read: Cowen and Tabarrock Chapters 34-35, 23

Modern Principles of Economics 4TH 18


Cowen, Tyler / Tabarrok, Alex






4TH 18


Worth Publishers, Inc.

I will need 2 Responses to the following DB Posts – ECON 230

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