I need a peer review for those

I need help with a Statistics question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Hi I will post 4 different assignment and I need from you to give me a peer review according to this.

its very important assignment so take care of it

In the week following the first part of the assignment complete the following peer review (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. of the other members of your assigned Canvas group. You must include feedback in the reviews that will enable the writers to improve their final submittal. As a minimum, address the following after considering the approach and justification of your peers’ work:

  • Did your classmate use the appropriate header for their memorandum? Is the information in it correct? If not, specify what is incorrect. Is the subject line clear and concise? If not, offer an idea of what needs to be stated differently.
  • Are there parts of their approaches and justifications that are unclear to you? Specify what part(s) of their memorandum, and why it is unclear. What changes would help to make it clearer?
  • What aspects of their responses were particularly helpful in making their memorandum clear?
  • Did your peers utilize a professional writing style as outlined in the assignment? Provide examples of how they did or did not meet this requirement.
  • Did their use of visuals in their document help make their ideas more clear?

At the end of your review, offer an honest assessment of how your peers completed their assignments. Utilizing the exact language below, indicate whether they:

  • Met minimum writing requirements
  • Exceeded minimum writing requirements
  • Did not meet minimum writing requirements

DUE: March 31

GRADING RUBRIC – 10 points total (assignments 2.3 and 2.4 will be graded together)

Memorandum header is included & formatted per reading – 1 point

Executive Summary is included – 1 point

Memorandum is divided into sections with titles – 1 point

A minimum of one graphic is included – 1 point

A conclusion is included – 1 point

Reviews are completed – 1 point

Reviews include actionable feedback – 2 points

The specific required evaluative language is included at the end of each review – 2 points

here you can found the 4th student writing

I need a separate peer review

like every student alone.

I need a peer review for those

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