I just need a short replay for the student’s discussions

I’m stuck on a Algebra question and need an explanation.

This was the question

Identify a key concept or foundational theory from the first four weeks of class and in half a page discuss how it applies to your current work environment or a recent social, political or business event. Include the chapter and sub topic from your textbook

nd these are the student replies


The foundational theory is the set of rules, used to describe and explain their experience of life and the environment. By taking the example of Algebraic expressions are mathematical sentences which play an important role in the mathematics and also correlates with the real life or daily routine situations. We use

algebraic expression
without even realizing it, in our everyday life or daily routine like in business. In business, the graph is very much helpful in decision making. It also helps business in forecasting future revenues and profits.

Student 2

Though all the topics were very interesting and I found them to be very useful. But I find the topic of the use of algebraic expressions in the real life to be very interesting. I always wanted to know where and how can we apply mathematical concepts in the real life. In week 2, we got the opportunity to come up with different examples where algebraic expression can be used. I eventually come up with many examples after the analysis. This exercise was very helpful for me and I enjoyed understanding and learning about this concept. I believe it will be helpful for me to solve different problems in the future that can be handled using algebraic expressions


I just need a short reply for students’ replies

I need it as soon as


I just need a short replay for the student’s discussions

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