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You are a Total Rewards specialist working for a company that consults to the healthcare industry.Your client group includes community-based healthcare organizations such as Urgent Care or Patient First facilities. For the most part, these organizations are following a corporate level strategy focused on providing patients with fast, reliable service.People who opt for urgent care want to be able to trust in the care they are receiving and to be taken care of quickly.

Since this particular segment within the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly competitive, your consulting company is recommending their clients distinguish themselves from competitors by creating a niche approach that follows the philosophy outlined in an article, Why Great Employees Leave “Great Cultures”.

You are working with a team to develop a strategy for your clients.In preparation for meeting with your team please answer all of the following questions:

  • Based on the article, “Why Great Employees Leave “Great Cultures”, please describe the philosophy you will recommend to your clients. Should the total rewards program be ethical?How do you define that?
  • Given your answer to #1, please integrate information from the articles below to outline how your clients should design each of the following components of their total rewards.

Wages and Benefits

  • New Overtime Rule Raises Salary Cutoff to $35,568
  • Closing the Gender Pay Gap
  • The Schoolyard Fight Over How to Increase Teacher Pay
  • Opinion | The Tech Industry Is Building a Vast Digital Underclass
  • Past Two Decades Saw Big Shifts in Employee Benefits
  • CEOs get $800,000 pay raise, leaving workers further behind


  • Better Work-Life Balance Starts with Managers
  • The overlooked essentials of employee well-being
  • How Unpredictable Work Hours Turn Families Upside Down

Engagement and Retention

Performance Management and Talent Development

  • “Hitting the Refresh Button on Performance Reviews

Motivation and Rewards

  • The problem with financial incentives and what to do about it
  • Employers Seek Better Approaches to Pay


( I will post around 15 very short articles to answer the question)

human resources management/ compensation and benefits2

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